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Our Passport


The Art of Livin'

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Our Passport 2 The Art of Livin'

Have you ever gone on vacation, traveled to another country or city and thought, “Wow I’m just a tourist, I wish I was a traveler who got out of one’s comfort zone and embraced the culture”?   Having traveled to 5 different continents over the past 40 years, we have evolved from tourists to travelers at a fraction of the travel costs of most organized tours. 

You have arrived in the right place for us to help show you how to keep going and stay true to your dreams. We want to share our cost saving tips and invigorate your travel imagination into a reality. Come join us as we continue to follow our dreams, trust the journey and continue living and learning more about Our Passport 2 The Art Of Livin’!

Travel Podcast.  Travel Blog.

Our Passport 2 The Art of Livin'

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